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Manage the where, when, and how of your fleet.

Maximize efficiency.
Lower operating costs.
Keep customers happy.

RydeSmart is a full-featured GPS fleet location, tracking, and vehicle performance management system that lets you know where your fleet is at all times. Vehicles can be easily monitored from a central location, anytime, anywhere. Easy, intuitive, and powerful, RydeSmart's innovative technology is designed to help you lower operating expenses, provide better customer service, and reap the benefits of increased profitability.

RydeSmart offers easy, real-time access to critical information. Whether you need to pinpoint your vehicle location, get accurate mileage or performance data, or even find out which trucks is closest to a customer's location, RydeSmart has the answers.

RydeSmart gives you the power to:
  • Know the location of your vehicles at all times
  • Measure driver performance and efficiency
  • Monitor unauthorized vehicle use
  • Track vehicle movements in real time
  • Minimize unscheduled stops
  • Decrease vehicle and cargo theft